Capital Improvements at St. Luke’s School Over the Summer

September 13, 2022

Capital Improvements at St. Luke’s School Over the Summer

It was a busy summer on campus this year. Last summer we installed all new thermo-pane windows in the classrooms on the east side of the building.


This summer we did the classrooms and most of the administrative offices on the west side of the building. The project is now over 80% complete. In addition to looking terrific these windows are a dramatic upgrade in terms of energy efficiency and insulation.


Three classrooms and the ‘exclusive’ grade 8 staircase were repainted this summer in addition to most door and window trims and casings. Exterior painting included all the entrances.


4 classrooms received new 12+’ whiteboards to replace old ones which had ‘overstayed their welcome!’


The exterior stairs in the Convent, which are used by students to enter the building for Art, Music and Spanish, were replaced with new non-skid Trex stairs.


A new energy efficient purified water system was installed on the first floor of the main building (this makes our third) to make it easier for our community to refill the water bottles which they are encouraged to have with them and use every day.


Four new portable lunch tables were ordered for our cafeteria.


Both playgrounds were covered with 6” of wood shavings for safety and cleanliness.


The main school playground and front walkways had cracks filled and were then seal-coated after which Four Square and Hop-Scotch games were rescreened on the surface.

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