Parent Testimonials

“Even though we live in Barrington, we decided to send our child to St. Luke’s School. We felt that a smaller, more focused environment would suit our child’s personality, development, and faith better. Saint Luke’s has been exactly what our child needed, and we couldn’t be more thankful. As parishioners we appreciate the interactions that we have with other St. Luke’s families.”
— Parent


“As an alum, St. Luke’s was the obvious choice for our 3 boys. SLS has it all: small classes, dedicated teachers, excellent sports, a nurturing environment, and a community that fosters service to others and family values”
—Alum and Parent



“We chose St. Luke’s School originally because we wanted a strong faith foundation for our children. We have stayed because of the supportive community as well as the faith development.”



“If it wasn’t for St. Luke’s I am not sure my kids would have made it through the last 3 years. The support of everyone at the school has been so strong that when things were scary for them, they knew they always had someone they could talk with. I can’t say how grateful we are to know that we can send our kids to school every day and know that we never have to worry about them. I can’t say enough just how lucky we are to have found SLS!”



“We wanted our son to attend a Catholic school so visited many Catholic schools in the area. When we walked into St. Luke’s we knew we ​had found the perfect spot for our son. During our tour we ran into ​several middle school students asked them what they liked about St. Luke’s. They all looked us in the eye and were candid, polite ​and mature with their positive responses​. This sealed the deal for us!”



“When looking for the right school for our children we were hoping to find one that would provide a positive enriching environment. We weren’t sure such a place still existed. We visited St. Luke’s which had a wonderful community feel where the students seemed fully engaged and respectful. I remember telling my husband, “These are the kind of kids I want ours to become.”



“We’ve had children at St. Luke’s School for 24 consecutive years which is 47 individual years of an SLS education! Is it the education, the committed and caring faculty, or the inclusive culture regardless of student differences? It is for all these reasons and more. A day doesn’t pass when I see a student stop and hold the door and say good morning. That is what St Luke’s School is about. Visit and experience it all for yourself!”
—Parent and Middle School Paraprofessional