Enrichment is an important supplement to the daily instructional practices at St. Luke’s School. Enrichment offers our students new and expanded experiences and challenging opportunities beyond the daily curriculum of the core subject areas. Enrichment opportunities at SLS can take place in a variety of ways to enhance
the curriculum:


  • A visit from our local police, fire, and EMS
  • A parent from a different culture and/or religion speaking about their customs and tradition
  • A local television meteorologist visiting to show students how the weather is forecasted
  • A local farmer dropping off eggs and an incubator so that students can follow the hatching process of chicks
  • A representative from Boston Museum of Science making age-appropriate presentations to the entire school
  • A representative from Mystic Aquarium making age-appropriate presentations to the entire school
  • A representative from Brown University’s Heffenreffer Museum presenting artifacts from their collection
  • A retired member of the New England Patriots speaking about the importance of hard work, dedication, determination, and faith
  • A local television investigative reporter talking about their job, how it is
    determined which stories to pursue, and the obstacles encountered in the pursuit of the truth
  • Career Day where parents come to school and explain to our students what they do for a living
  • Live reptile presentation by Bwana Iguana


Enrichment Field Trips occur regularly throughout the year for kindergarten to grade 8 to:


  • Rhode Island State House
  • Mystic Aquarium
  • Sites of the battles of Lexington and Concord
  • The historical preservation farm, Coggeshall in Bristol now owned and managed by Sturbridge Village
  • Diocesan youth conference
  • Local farms
  • RI Resource Recovery Corporation
  • Nature preserve, Caratunk in Seekonk
  • Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Providence
  • Grade 8 two-night retreat and hike to Appalachian Mountain Lodge in NH
  • Various off-site retreats


Funding for enrichment comes from a variety of sources, allowing faculty to be responsive to needs and trends and choose impactful learning experiences. Enrichment funds are budgeted for every teacher by the PTO. A portion of the registration fee goes to the PTO to fund larger requests for enrichment programs. Fundraisers, Memorial and Annual Fund contributions received during the year also allow for an expansion of enrichment offerings that the students can enjoy.