Parent Portal

The Parent Portal gives you the opportunity to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success by using FACTS Family Portal, a private and secure portal that allows you to view academic information specific to your child(ren), while protecting their information from others. You may view your child’s grades, attendance, homework, conduct, as well as other useful school information.


You will be able to access this information in real time, 24/7.



How to Access FACTS Family Portal In Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge visit and click Family Login/FACTS Family Portal.

Click Create Family Portal Account.


Type our school District Code ST-RI


Type your email address and click Create Account. An email will be sent which includes a link to create your Family Portal Login. The link will be active for 6 hours.


Select the Click to Create your Family Portal Login link.


Type a User Name, Password and Confirm your password.


You will then be able to view information such as:



You will then be able to view information such as:
  • Attendance

  • Daily Grades

  • Progress Reports

  • Transcripts

  • Discipline

  • Homework

  • Missing Assignments School Calendar

  • School Announcements

  • Staff and School Directory

  • Family Account Balances and Online Payment

  • Teacher Email Addresses

  • Other Useful School Information


FACTS has created a five-minute Family Portal Overview video to introduce you to the system. Please watch it at your convenience by clicking here. The password to access the video is Portal.


Once we have Family Portal up and running, we’ll provide you with instructions for logging in and viewing information.