St. Luke’s Preschool is a developmentally appropriate, multi-aged program centered on the whole child in a faith-filled, nurturing environment.


St. Luke’s added a Preschool in 1994 for children 3-5 years of age (the child must   turn 3 before September 1 of the year entering to be eligible for admission). The school is in the former Cross and Passion Sisters convent, directly across the street from the main school. Since it was basically a home, we are blessed with two large well-lit wide-open rooms, a full kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. 


Our Preschool is staffed by two teachers and an aide. 


While we offer both half days (mornings 8:15-11:15) and full days, most of our students attend for 5 full days. That said, we require that three-year-old’s attend a minimum of 2 days (T and Th) and that 4-year old’s attend a minimum of 3 days (M-W-F).


It’s a perfect setting to introduce the ideals of the schools of Reggio Emilia.


We offer natural experiences focused on creative learning, based on the high regard we have for the inherent gifts and potential of each child. This allows each child’s creative expression to thrive.


Our teachers provide opportunities that capture the curiosity and wonderment of children. We value, support, and document each child’s learning while providing materials that foster creativity and the expression of ideas and feelings, all within our STREAM based curriculum.


The teacher’s role is to listen, watch and interpret the child’s interactions with peers and with materials and then carefully select offerings that will extend the child’s interest, engagement, and growth.


The curriculum focuses on sharing the natural world with children and their connection to it in playful ways. Exploration, investigation, and deep thinking are encouraged while promoting essential skills for learning. Children gain confidence and develop a sense of community as they participate in interactive activities.


For more information and/or a tour of our Preschool contact our Principal, Nicole Varone: or call (401) 246-0990.