First Reconciliation and First Communion

One of the most meaningful spiritual activities that takes place during a child’s St. Luke’s School experience occurs in Grade 2 when eligible Catholics make their First Reconciliation and First Communion.


Older students who, for whatever reason, have not made the Frist Reconciliation and/or First Communion are welcome to go through the necessary preparations and make these Sacraments at St. Luke’s


The children prepare as part of their regular Religion class with special emphasis placed on getting ready to receive these two important Sacraments.


What makes it even more special is that the students receive these Sacraments as a small group.


First Reconciliation takes place in January and is led by our Pastor and Associate Pastor.


First Communion takes place in our parish church in May and because it is only St. Luke’s students, families can invite as many family members, friends, and relatives as they would like.